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Monday, February 1, 2010

Competency #2 Related Blog

It is not as easy as I imagine to find a blog that both educates teachers and promotes inclusive techniques in reading and learning for their students. I believe that this is because although librarians and special education teachers work together, their roles are always thought of as seperate. The school librarian is rarely thought ever to be a source for the kind of information that informs the struggling reader and opens teachers' eyes to new technology. Since I want to be that type of librarian in the public school setting, I found the following blog and I identify with it.


One post dated February 2, 2009, titled "Integration of Special Education Students" caught my eye.

"Many teachers are unaware of the special needs of special students. Many have personal biases that confound their abilities to teach those less intellectually abled." (Jilks)

The author of this blog like myself believes that more can be done to teach students with different reading abilities.

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