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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Competency 6: Successive Fractions Strategy using Academic Search Complete.

Based on the hits by results I obtained from Project Muse; I decided to carry the successive fractions in the following order
•s1) libraries
•s3 )disabled

Searching with the term "libraries or library" resulted in 448,997 hits.

Searching with the first and second facet (libraries or library) and (accessibility or access) resulted in 10, 134.

When I saw that the number of hits was very large I decided to add the last facet. So my search went like this (libraries or library) and (accessibility or access) and (disabled or handicap) which resulted in 62 hits.

Of these 62 hits; I found the following article “Accessibility in K-12 Education” useful for the purpose of my blog.

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