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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Competency 6: Specific Facet First Strategy in Project Muse database

Facet: accessibility or access Results: 34,535 (too many search results not relevant to my search topic EX. accessibility of birth control medicines in India)

Facet: library or libraries Results: 63, 419 (described all types of library history to records of book mobiles in U.S, not what I was looking for)

Facet: disabled or handicap Results: 3,591 (Interesting but not useful)

Since searching for a specific facet by itself did not yield me any results that I could immediately pick out; I had to resort to using the building block strategy to get a useful result. I then attempted the following search " (accessiblity or access)and (libraries or library) and (disabled and handicap)" this narrowed down the results to 34. See image above.

Looking over the hits I found a very interesting article by Todd Lekan titled _Disabilities and Educational Opportunity: A Deweyan Approach that speaks about students with disabilities and the classroom. This article could serve as a great starting point for an issues paper.

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